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Bullseye Code Coverage XML Parser Tool

Bullseye Code Coverage Parser scans the coverage xml and displays the coverage stats for the specified input files.

Follow these instructions :
1.) Open the coverage file (.cov file) with your coverage browser.exe (located in default :C:\Program Files\BullseyeCoverage\bin\CoverageBrowser.exe)
2.) Now select file and export as XML
3.) Now the xml containing all coverage details is stored on disk.
4.) Open the Bullseye coverage analyser and Browse for this xml
5.) Now you will have different text boxes.. Just enter the file names (with extension) you would like to search for. e.g : abcd.cpp or myfile.h
6.) Now click on Show Coverage
7.) All files found in the xml are listed along with their number of covered uncovered functions and the percentage functional coverage in seperate columns so that it will be easier for you to prepare a report

Any queries, bugs , suggestions are welcome, and you can mail me

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